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Spotlight On: Jamie Schmones Erickson

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Recently, we ducked behind the scenes for a quick conversation with each of the women starring in our new Find Your Perfect campaign. Tune in as we talk closets and careers, brunch spots and beauty secrets, and more. 

Jamie is the kind of stylish young mom who seems to have it all. Born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, she lives in a house in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, with her husband Kevin, infant son Dylan, and a lovable labradoodle named Louie. At age 33, she runs her own company, Poppy’s Catering Co., named for her grandfather. Her house is full of pretty little unfussy vignettes—a mirror here, a string of lights and a succulent there—that made us want to rethink our own home décor.

Sounds kinda perfect, right? That’s why it was a pleasure to meet the grounded young woman behind this beautiful Brooklyn scene. What impressed us most was Jamie’s unwavering sense of self, not just in her approach to getting dressed every morning, which has been unusually consistent throughout her life, but also in the way that she defines success. “I’m not a perfectionist at all and I like things a little bit messy,” she says. To her, “it’s about stopping and realizing what you have,” and finding happiness within that. Read on for more from Jamie.

SS: What are your wardrobe staples?

JSE: I wear jeans almost every day—a lot of boyfriend and classic fits. And stripes. That’s always the joke, whether it’s a striped button-down, cotton shirt, T-shirt, or tank top. Ever since I started my company three years ago, I’m a lot less dressed up. There’s a little sense of style—but in an effortless, comfortable way. I’m in Vans a lot of the time, flats. Lately, I’ve been wearing the same work boots every day.

Any other key elements?

A hat. And my green army jacket, which I’ve had for, like, 12 years. Every season I might go buy a spring coat, but I always come back to that jacket. Unless I have on army pants—then I’ll wear a jean jacket, but it’s one or the other.

Do you have any go-to brands?

Steven Alan. I would say my wardrobe is mostly comprised of Steven Alan and J.Crew. I like a lot of neutrals and then I let my accessories pop.

You’ve said that you were born into your style and have never really reinvented it.

Friends have always joked that I loved J.Crew before it was cool, before this new reinvention with Mickey [Drexler] and Jenna [Lyons]. It’s not that I like things with boats on them, just the simple cottons, that simple American style. Sometimes, to mix things up, I will go to Zara and maybe get something that feels trendy, or use accessories in that way.

What did you love to wear as a child?

Boy clothes—I was a tomboy. I was sporty, I wore big sweatshirts. When I was really young, my mother dressed me in frilly dresses. But once I had a say that was done.

How do you approach dressing your son?

All neutrals. Almost every outfit has something grey, which is his middle name. It’s harder in the winter because he’s mostly got his snowsuit on over his clothes, so it doesn’t even matter.

What is your favorite room in the house?

This room. (Indicates the living room where we’re sitting.) I would say the baby’s room, but that’s so new. We spend the most time in here.

What are you reading and listening to at the moment?

Oh don’t ask me that—look at the books behind you—Solve your Child’s Sleep Problems and a little bit of Pat the Bunny. When I was breastfeeding a lot, I got into Serial and listened to all of the Cherry Bombe podcasts. Cherry Bombe magazine is a women-in-food magazine. I recently got to be one of the interviewees, which was a very cool experience.

The idea behind eBay’s new fashion campaign is that everyone’s version of “perfect” is different. What do think about that?

The pressures put on women are pretty ridiculous, so I feel fortunate that I have always felt good and happy in myself from the surface side of things—like how clothes make me feel. But the word perfect is problematic…there’s no real perfect. I like the perfectly imperfect, or finding your own imperfect place that feels right.

What do you eat for breakfast every morning? We’re interested because you’re so passionate about food.

Lately, I’ve been into peanut butter and banana toast with honey and sea salt. I’m always grabbing granola on the go. Because I’m in the food industry and I’m in the kitchen all day, I’m a grazer, but if I can sit down for a weekend brunch, I’ll definitely dig in to some eggs and pancakes.

Do you have a favorite brunch spot?

My go-to is Frankie’s, because it’s so close, for dinner; and Prime Meats, Frankie’s other spot, for brunch. It’s classic. When I was pregnant I would be up there always by myself reading the paper eating a big brioche French toast.

That sounds pretty great…What is your favorite moment of the day?

Lately, it’s the goodnight routine with Dylan. It’s been hard for me to make it happen, with the pressure to be at events and tastings. I always try to be around for bedtime, but this week I have to work, and it breaks my heart that I can’t be there. On a stressful day, it’s definitely my happy place. And the dog, too—we just got Louie about a year ago. I guess it’s coming home and just getting all this unconditional love.

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Are there any particular Instagram handles that inspire you?

There are a few stylists that do J.Crew’s Instagram, and I follow their personal accounts. I also follow so many food blogs it’s almost overstimulation. I find that the bloggers and stylists have a greater sense of style than the companies. I try to create Poppy’s Instagram in a way that blends the lines between curated photos and action shots that prove what you’ve done and who you are.

What was your most recent eBay purchase?

These shoes! (Points to the limited-edition navy suede Vans on her feet.) They were sold out at J.Crew. But on eBay, they were brand new, in the box, I knew my size, and I got to snag them.

3 1 jamie 30

We grabbed a picture of those earlier. Joe [the blog’s photographer] is a huge Vans guy, so he always has his eye out for those.

OK, cool. Yeah. These were a good find.


Love Jamie’s look? Check out our Brooklyn Americana collection or browse prep classics here.

Next week we talk feng shui and Ceylon sapphires with business coach, Cyndie Spiegel. Stay tuned.

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