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Spotlight On: Jennifer Purdy

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Recently, we ducked behind the scenes for a quick conversation with each of the women starring in our new Find Your Perfect ad campaign. Tune in as we talk closets and careers, makeup and motherhood, and more. 

Jen Purdy lives in Summit Pines, Minnesota, with her husband, her 1-year-old son, and her mother, who watches the baby during the week. What struck us most about meeting Jen was a clarity that came through in all her answers. Practical with her wardrobe, on point with her fitness and nutrition, simple in her pleasures with her family—she inspired us with her peacefulness and ease. Read on for a taste.

Where did you grow up?

About an hour away from here, in Medina, Minnesota.

What do you do for a living?

I work for a private publisher as an acquisitions editor. I call on university and college professors and talk to them about writing books for their classrooms.

And in your spare time you’re a fitness coach?

Yes. I do general fitness training and help people with clean eating—I put together weeklong meal plans made up of clean recipes. It’s something I do on the side because I want to help people get into shape. That’s one of my passions.

What about in your downtime? What do you like to do for fun?

We like to sit on the patio and hang out at home with our son. We go on walks and work out—try to stay active.

How would you describe your style?

It’s evolved since I became a mom. I would say it’s a little bit boho-slash-comfy casual. I love a good pair of workout leggings from Lululemon or Nike, but I also really like rompers because they’re so comfortable.

If someone were dressing as you for Halloween, what would they wear?

Similar to what I have on now. I always try to have a punch of color. But with bold neon leggings like these, I’ll go low-key up top with a black tank. Black is my favorite color.

How do you do the athleisure look?

I want to look like I’ve put some effort in, so I’ll put on a fun pair of leggings, a workout top, and then a cute sweater that looks casual but nice. You just don’t want everything to be plain and basic.

Who are your fashion icons?

Kate Bosworth. I love the way she does boho—how effortless it looks, very natural. It feels beachy and fun. I really like her style.

Where else do you find fashion inspiration?

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and just surfing the web.

How important is it for you to get a good deal on clothes?

It’s a big deal. I’m a penny-pincher.

How do you approach dressing your son?

It’s so hard! The problem is that he grows out of clothes so fast. I go online and try to find discounts. I also like hand-me-downs, but especially with boys, everything gets torn apart, so I’m constantly trying to find deals.

Is there one type of thing that you’re willing to spend more on—like your son’s clothes?

Yep, my son’s clothes—especially certain things like jackets and sweatshirts because I know he’ll wear them longer. Same with me, too. I like to buy quality jackets, because you wear them so much in Minnesota. I’m also not afraid to spend money on purses. I love my Kate Spade wallets, wristlets, and handbags!

What are some of your other favorite brands?

I love Rag & Bone jeans, and also Hudson—I have a pair of distressed Hudson capris that are my favorites. I also absolutely love Nikes. The Flyknits fit my feet really well. I have them in two different colors—bright green and bright orange. I love the pop of color. For dressier shoes, Bandolino are my favorites—again, for the fit.

Who makes the best coats for Minnesota winters?

I just bought this really cute coat from Zac Posen that I love. I got it on sale. It’s a very comfortable wool coat, with buttons that go down and a tie belt. It’s just really fun and comfy. And it’s taupe. I’d normally choose black.

Do you wear dresses much?

I have a few dresses that I like. They’re longer and a really soft jersey material. They’re a little bit flowy, but tighter at the waist, so you can have more shape. If I’m out with my son and then we go out to dinner, it’s a nicer look, but still functional. I always want to make sure the pieces I buy work in my everyday life.

How important are trends to you?

They are important. I often find myself looking at photos and seeing things that I like, but I don’t always have time to keep up. It’s important to have a few trend pieces, but I want to make sure I have the staples first.

Are there any trends or pieces that you’re excited about for fall?

Converse sneakers. I finally found a pair that I love. They’re white low-tops, and what’s cool is that you can just slip them on your feet. The backs go down and the laces are stretchy. I think that just works with my lifestyle. They’re super easy.

Do you shop or sell on eBay?

Both—I use eBay a lot. When I first used it, I sold textbooks, and then in the last year or two, I’ve been buying a lot of beauty products, because I find really good deals. I love Kérastase hair products. And my new favorite is by Shu Uemura—you put it on the roots and it takes away those flyaway hairs.

I recently bought a stroller, too. I needed it right away and couldn’t find it anywhere else, so I did “Buy It Now.” But I do like to get in a bidding war sometimes.

Really? What’s the secret to winning?

The best time for a good deal is in the middle of the night. I’ll stay up a few extra hours to save money.

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