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Spotlight On: Style Girlfriend

Influencers, Persons of Interest  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

Girl talk is great, but isn’t it fun to sometimes pick a guy’s brain about the things we can’t help but wonder: Are guys scared of red lipstick, Should I offer to split the dinner bill, and Can I make the first move? This is what we love about Style Girlfriend. Megan Collins gives an honest female perspective on the things that guys can’t help but wonder: Which gym clothes will help me sink 3s like Steph Curry, Do I need to graduate my college style now that I’ve graduated, and Murse, duffel bag, or backpack? We asked Megan eight of our most burning questions (seven for the guys, and one for us!) to help you help your guy get his style on point this season. You’re welcome!

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1. What are the top three things to look for in a great pair of jeans for a guy?

1. Fit is where to start. If a pair of jeans sags in the backside, or does a funny bunching thing around the knees, walk away. Look for a pair that hugs your legs through the thighs, knees, and calves. And remember—you can always get them shortened, so err on the side of “too long” when shopping.

2. From there, consider function. If you want your denim to work as well at the office as the grocery store, opt for a slim or straight leg pair in a classic hue. You¹ll get the most use out of a timeless shade of dark-rinse blue that you can dress up or down.

3. Finally, material. Sure, selvedge denim is always going to be a good investment, but don’t feel like you have to opt for jeans made from this unwashed, untreated cloth just because selvedge is currently on-trend in menswear. Dark rinse jeans, in material that’s a step shy of raw denim allow for the same look as untreated material, but with a softer feel and slight variation in shading.

2. What’s the best date night outfit a guy can wear?

It depends on the date! Consider the occasion, then plan the perfect look. Aim to strike a balance between comfort—you want to feel like yourself (so you can focus on other things, like making her laugh and how best to angle for a kiss at the end of the night)—and effort. It’s still a date, after all, so put extra thought and care into how you look, from the shoes you put on your feet to the product in your hair.

3. What’s the most offensive deal-breaker guys are guilty of, style wise?

Not bothering with fit is definitely a bad habit that a lot of guys would do well to break. You can make an off the rack suit feel like it was custom made for you with just a few tweaks at the tailor. Even things like polo shirts and jeans can benefit from a trip to the tailor—an inch out of a hem can help pants lose that puddling effect at your ankles, while taking in a dress shirt can help you look like you just lost ten pounds from your midsection.

4. What’s your favorite fall styling tip for guys?

Layers make every outfit more interesting, so don’t be afraid to really pile ‘em on. My favorite thing in the world for upping your style game is a light jacket, so have fun with your outerwear this season. A mac coat, leather bomber, and Harrington jacket all make for great outfit toppers, and will never go out of style.

5. What’s the hottest trend right now in menswear that guys need to try?

I’m not big into trends, I’d rather advocate for items that will have a place in your wardrobe for years to come. That said, I think jogger pants have been a fun splash of something different the past few seasons.

6. What’s the best thing a guy can buy on eBay?

Whatever he wants the most but doesn’t want to pay full price for! For some guys that’s shoes; for others, it’s outerwear, and for still others it’s accessories like ties and watches.

You can find great deals on nearly anything you’re searching for; just be sure to do your due diligence—skip anything showing only stock images (because who knows what the item you’d be receiving really looks like), get to know sellers, and ask questions to make sure you don’t get duped.

7. Which male celebrity’s style inspires you the most?

I love how Aziz Ansari always looks appropriately dressed up for an occasion. If he’s on stage, he’s in a suit, not a t-shirt and jeans, and beyond that, the fit is always on point. He’s a smaller guy, but manages to never look like he’s getting swallowed up by his clothes.

8. What can girls get away with borrowing from a guy?

His cologne. I love a masculine scent, much more than a floral “girly” one, so I’m always dipping into the men’s side of the aisle when I’m on the hunt for a new scent.

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