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Spotlight On: True Religion

Designers, Persons of Interest  /   /  By Nina Louie

We are thrilled that True Religion is part of eBay’s Designer Collective—bringing a world super sexy go-to denim for both guys and girls to the site. So we sat down with their design team to talk LA inspo, downtime denim, and finding that just-right jean.

What was the inspiration behind your Fall 2014 collection?

Our fall collection was inspired by our LA customers—magnetic, charismatic individuals living in one the most exciting cities in the world right now. With the recent resurgence of the downtown area, there’s a real sense that Los Angeles is having a moment—both in terms of the street art and hedonistic party scene. But on the weekends, these folks all pile into their convertibles and head for the desert to unwind at a mid-century hotel, or go glamping (editor’s note: that’s luxury camping, people!) in the Hollywood Hills. They’re the life of the party during the week, but they take their R&R seriously. This is reflected in the attitude of the final pieces—they’re clothes to see and be seen in, but they’re also inspired by the great outdoors, with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.

What are a few of your favorite denim trends for fall and how do they show up in your collection?

The premium denim market has been in a minimal moment for such a long time—but True Religion is all about overt and fearless style. Our products literally explode with confidence and swagger. 
Right now we’re into lightweight denim in vintage washes, coated denim, and leather. One of our best-selling fits for men is our ‘Dean’, a slouchy tapered style that comes in a black coated denim and has an amazing leather-like look that plays with both matte and shine. We also have a denim jean with a laser treatment that gives it an authentic vintage patched-and-repaired look. We love these pieces for their definitive style.

What’s the secret to finding the most flattering fit when it comes to jeans?

Success is finding something you feel comfortable in. The trick is to make the most of your best feature—so if you have a shapely butt or long legs, draw attention to that area. It sounds obvious, but when you feel confident in the piece you’re wearing, you look good. Try on as many pairs of jeans as you can possibly stand. The ones that don’t pull in strange directions are the ones to go with. Also, a good fitting room and a reliable sales assistant really helps. Having just worked on the redesign of our new retail store, we can’t stress enough the importance of good lighting. Our newest changing rooms have focused lighting systems and adjustable mirrors so that no matter where you stand, you are able to see just how good your butt looks!

What’s the freshest way to dress up a True Religion jean—like, for date night?

Confident people always have a certain style that others notice. Failing that, designer shoes and a cool T-shirt work every time.

What’s the best way to dress down a True Religion jean—say, for a Sunday stroll?

Dressing down True Religion is best done with simple, classic pieces. Let your jeans make a statement so you don’t have to.

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