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Spied on the Street: A Knotty Styling Trick To Try

Dressing for warm weather without reverting to your DIYed denim cutoffs can prove quite the challenge. Not forgoing everyone’s favorite fabric that’s already in constant rotation altogether, zip up a pair of raw edge bleach splattered denim culottes and get ready for the fun part. Aside from the half-tuck we’ve relied on in the past to prove we’ve still got a waist underneath our cotton t-shirts, here comes a styling trick that’s guaranteed to help you maintain a comfortable body temperature while simultaneously and tastefully showing off the tiniest sliver of skin.

5 1 habit 5

All you have to do is gather your extra t-shirt material towards your back (versus your side, like you used to as a girl) and twist and loop it around itself until you’ve achieved a secure knot. What you’ve just created is an ensemble whose comfort parallels your favorite pajamas and whose figure flattering shape highlights all the curves you’re working with. Top the look off with a fresh blowout and sleek black leather accessories: a patent Celine trio bag, and matte Birkenstock sandals. Stay cool out there, Style Stories reader.

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