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Posts Tagged ‘ebay fashion’

Meet Erin, a student on the hunt for houndstooth loafers.

Meet Yohanna, a stylist who collects Repettos.

Meet Myla, a perfumer taken with Victorian petticoats.

Meet Denise, a floral designer whose style icon is Mom.

Meet Ali, a set designer who hunts for Frye and Lanvin.

Meet Lizzette, a student fiending for Miu Miu shades.

Meet Julie, a landscape designer into vegan handbags.

Meet Alex, a realtor dreaming of a Patek Philippe watch.

Meet Jason, a producer who digs Paul Newman’s style.

Meet Kelsey, a designer who covets Clergerie sandals.

Meet Morgan & Meghan, super stylish sisters!

Meet Robin, a recruiter in search of classic Pucci.

Meet Laura, a comedian who likes Lucky Brand jeans.

Meet Gregory, a designer who loves Calder and CDG.