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Meet Kenya, a boho beauty seeking vintage Pendleton.

Meet Kristen, a hospitality consultant with "increasingly bohemian" style.

Meet Carrie, a denim aficionado and record and book collector.

Meet Amy, a stylist with bohemian flair and a thing for men's hats.

Meet Ariana and Lisa, two sisters with style to spare.

Meet Julia, a stylist with boy-meets-girl style.

Meet Summer, a graphic designer with geek chic style.

The grunge staple gets polished up for fall.

Meet John, a designer with "late '60s gear head" style.

Meet Theo, a rocker with neon sandal obsession.

Meet Sara, a denim collector that loves an oversize watch.

Meet Iris, a designer that wears her lipstick 24/7.

Channeling the Vogue Paris editor-in-chief.

Meet Joseph, an indigo devotee who admires James Dean.