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Posts Tagged ‘personal style’

Meet Lindsay, an ad account director on the hunt for a jumpsuit.

Meet Lily, a designer and natural beauty product devotee.

Meet Asia, an "edgy chic" lady that loves leather jackets.

Meet Gabe, a new music lover on the hunt for a vintage watch.

Meet Diane, a recent smoothie convert with classic style.

Meet Ashley, a musician with low-maintenance style.

Meet Celeste, a publicist with bicoastal style.

Meet Meaghan, the bag-obsessed founder of PurseBlog.

Meet Janina, a boutique owner with a thing for Indian cotton.

Meet Lindsey, a style classicist meets rocker meets hippie.

Meet Martha, a mom with boho chic style.

Meet Daniel, a low-key prep landscape designer.

Meet Muffy, a YSL devotee with a thing for outerwear.

Meet Kim, a stylist with a weakness for fuchsia.