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The 6 Most Affordable Wearables on the Market Right Now

Being connected 24/7 is so the norm these days that we’ve invented seamless ways to stay in touch that are actually quite stylish and super under the radar. We’re rounding up the best smartwatches, fitness trackers, virtual reality headsets, smartphones, and wireless sound systems that you can shop today on eBay, for a fraction of their original selling prices. Because today when we’re always “on,” always “plugged in,” and constantly one step ahead, we’ve got to have gadgets that can keep up with us. Check out some of our favorites, and let us know which ones have you tapped in!


1. Apple Watch Series 1

While the Apple Watch Series 2 may be the next big thing on the market this year, the Series 1 offers many of the same storage, speed and functionality perks (minus onboard GPS and swim-ready water resistance) at around $100 less (retailing around $269) than its successor.


2. FitBit Charge 2

Retailing at around $129, the FitBit Charge 2 shares the Apple Watch Series 1’s lack of swim-ready water resistance and onboard GPS. However, it makes up for it with a massive 5-day battery life that powers always-on heart rate monitoring and an OLED display that relays fitness data and time tracking via its handy companion app.


3. Garmin Vivomove

For men who want to keep fit with a classic-looking watch, they can don the timeless look of the Garmin Vivomove. Retailing at around $99, the Vivomove is about $30 less than the Fitbit Charge 2. It also takes a longer view of staying in shape, with a one-year battery life that powers steps-taken tracking and a sleep statistics collection, along with enough water resistance to wear it in both the pool and shower.


4. Google Daydream View

While the Oculus Rift may be the best-marketed VR headset being worn this year, its high price puts it beyond the reach of many men who want to get an immersive visual experience. Retailing at around $79, the Google Daydream View features a simple set-up that is portable and boasts a number of engaging apps that utilize your smartphone while it rides in the visor. For gamers in search of an inexpensive alternative to the Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR can retail at under $100, while utilizing Oculus tech to turn your smartphone into an engaging display for a wide range of games with an exciting play experience.


5. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Speaking of smartphones, the iPhone 7’s shunning of a classic headphone jack gave many guys an excuse to finally embrace the audio experience of Bluetooth earbuds. Retailing around $149, the Bose SoundSport Wireless is a sweat-resistant in-ear Bluetooth sports headphone with special tips to keep the buds from slipping out while taking a phone call or on the treadmill. Don’t sweat burning battery life by forgetting to turn them off because they will automatically power down when not in active use. 


6. Plantronics BackBeat Sense

For around $10 more than the Bose SoundSport Wireless, fellas fond of an over-ear Bluetooth audio experience can pick up the Plantronics BackBeat Sense at around $160. You can take calls from either headphone, thanks to dual microphones. The device will also detect when they are off your head, and preserve its long-lasting battery accordingly.

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