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The 7 Most Envy-Inducing Shoes Spotted at NYFW

Featured, Persons of Interest, Street Style  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

Go ahead and pin this list. We’ll wait. Added? Ok, here we go. Welcome to our personal shoe obsessions, carefully sourced and meticulously collected at New York Fashion Week. The following seven trends are the ones we spotted and scouted firsthand and also the ones we’ve been scouring eBay for since returning home as the beautiful circus headed off for London, Milan, and now Paris. There was so much to love, but these are our favorites. Scroll down to see why.

1. Love the Loafers You’re In. Heeled, slip on, or beautifully basic (and not in a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Uggs sort of way) Gucci (and similar) loafers are here to stay and dress up any pair of dungarees piled up in our closets.

2. Slip on, Lace up, or Strap into Cult-Status Kicks. If only we’d kept every single pair of sneakers we wore in middle school, we’d be swimming in the trend that refuses to die. Vans (and similar) slip-ons as well as old school tennis shoes are officially the longest lasting footwear trend in history, and we’re not mad about it.

3. Root for the Rebel. It’s hard not to cheer for such a stark contrast and clear violation of uniform rules as seen in the buckle straps, multi-patterned ribbons, and rugged studs added to ballerina flats. Miu Miu, you win. Sign us up!

4. Head Back to School. Stella McCartney platforms are school girl sneakers, elevated (figuratively and literally) to adult status. They’re geek chic and just utterly cool. Weak ankles need not apply.

5. Put Your Best Boot Forward. Velvet, patent leather, sequined, suede, metallic, studded, snakeskin, and even embroidered, ankle boots are to fall what sandals are to summer. Step 1: zip. Step 2: rock.

6. Go Granny Chic. Slingbacks are back, but if you followed the Chanel cap-toe frenzy, then you’re already in the know. Lower your risk of injury as you lower the height of your heel. (Did that sound too motherly? Too grandmotherly? Hmm…maybe the method acting is working…)

7. RSVP for the Party on Your Feet. Embellished sandals will cause you to stop multiple times throughout your day to thank admirers for their compliments, but now that you’ve been warned, go full out in fringe, pom poms, and oversized jewels. (Because fashion is supposed to be fun, RIGHT?!)

Stay tuned for more street style trend reports straight from the front lines of NYFW. In the meantime, see more trends we love.

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