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The Top Ten 2017 Fashion Trends, as Predicted by Pinterest

Apparel, Featured, Most Wanted, What's Trending  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

If you’ve got a minute or ten, Pinterest’s “Pinterest 100 for 2017” is certainly worth a browse. Not one to follow convention or suit, Pinterest is trading the typical “Best of 2016” story for a predictive look ahead at what’s about to blow up in 2017. Some arrive with plenty of forewarning, some we’re wishing were left behind in 2016, and some pack enough intrigue to convince us to tune in and see how they evolve in the new year. Before we drill into the fashion trends of the future, a few standout beauty, home, lifestyle, and tech trends we can’t resist commenting on:

  • How to Hygge your home (Marie Kondo’s methods are so last year.)
  • Tabletop Terrariums (Yep, still with the succulents.)
  • Slip dresses (So popular that we had to report 11 ways to wear one without looking like you left the house in lingerie.)
  • Granny hair (What better way is there to spend seven hours of your Saturday?)
  • Hair scarves (Still chic, tbh. Oh, and the best beachside hair trick, like, ever!)
  • ESSENTIAL OILS (Your Facebook feed’s about to tell you all about the power of oils.)
  • VR headsets (YES, you look ridiculous with that thing on your face.)
  • Crystals for beginners (Get your GOOP-endorsed starter kit asap.)
  • Reiki (In case your crystal therapy isn’t working.)
  • Adult summer camp (Sounds pretty cool, but also too good to be true.)

Ok, on to the fashion.

  • Bell sleeves, which make for very dramatic posing. Do it for the Insta’.
  • Customizable flair. Our emoji pins are thrilled they’ve earned a place on our bags and denim jackets!
  • Personalized denim (Step hems are here to stay!)
  • Pajama dressing. Skeptical? See How to Pull off the Pajama Trend Like a Pro.
  • Backless shoes. The cost-per-wear on those splurge-worthy mules is really started to pay off, eh?
  • Nasty Woman merch, for those #stillwithher.   
  • ’80s trends (Insert eye roll emoji face here. But we’d better cozy up, since fashion is cyclical, ya know?)
  • Khakis and nudes. We love a good camel coat Kardashian moment.
  • Ear stack. Yes! We want more piercings!
  • High necklines. Très convenient for macking teens and the wrinkle-wary alike.

Leave a comment and tell us which trend you’re dying to try and which you’re SO. OVER!

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