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The Holy Grail of Limited Edition Sneakers

Sneaker Picks  /   /  By Highsnobiety

Today our guest bloggers are the sneaker experts at HighSnobiety.

Hype. It’s everywhere these days, preceding the release of damn near anything, especially if it’s “limited”. The Limited Edition sneaker is a market in itself, with hundreds of millions of dollars made in re-sales. There are obvious Limited Editions we could have included in this list: Lebron 10 What The MVP, Nike Air MAG Back To The Future, and Air Yeezy 2 Red October, to name a few. However, we wanted to pull together a selection of small-batch kicks that took our eye in particular.

10 15 nike jordans

Air Jordan I Retro ‘Wings for the Future’ x Dave White (2011)

This gold-tipped USA-inspired colorway was one of the most talked about sneakers of the year, as the entire auction event drew in over $23,000 for the Jordan Brand WINGS For The Future charity. With just 23 pairs in existence, the value of these rarities have climbed in tandem with the rise in the general popularity of Air Jordans. Hunt for it here.

10 15 saucony

END. x Saucony Shadow 5000 ‘Burger’

Without question, the runner has become THE key trainer silhouette over the past couple of years.
Combining the food industry’s growing trend for gourmet burger joints with their own love of a good burger, premium boutique END. has teamed up with Saucony on the Shadow 5000 ‘Burger’ trainer. Buy it here.

10 15 samba

Adidas Samba Traffic Pack (2010)

Adidas Samba Traffic Pack in Denim Blue is a World Edition. The shoes have denim upper in blue colorway and feature the stripes branding, a vulcanized white midsole, Adidas branding on the tongue and heel, also a compass lace lock. edition. Watch for it here.

10 15 reebok

Gundam x Reebok Instapump Fury Pack

Quite possibly the nerdiest yet most incredible sneaker. Granted, these geometric colour-pop treads aren’t for everyone, but if you’re confident enough to don patent leather and a galaxy print then you deserve big credit. Find it here.

10 15 yeezy


The first time a non-athlete got a shoe contract was the $1.6 million deal between Adidas and Run-D.M.C. in 1986. There have been others since, but the first for Nike, with Kanye West, was a pretty big deal. Kanye’s Air Yeezys were released in 2009 in three colorways, at a retail price of $225. It comes as no surprise but you’d be expected to pay far beyond retail price to get your hands on these now. Stalk it here.

To see more Super Rare Kicks, browse our collection.

To see more sneaker picks from HighSnobiety, check their post on The 7 Best Air Jordan 6 Colorways.


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