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Wanted: The Perfect Red Lip

Style News  /   /  By Nina Louie
top 5 red lipsticks on ebay When the style doldrums strike, our go to pick-me-up is a bold berry lip. It brightens the grayest outfits and dreariest days without fail. Every girl should have a stunning secret-weapon shade on hand at all times. So, we created this cheat sheet of our top picks, all available new and unused on eBay. MAC Ruby Woo: A vivid red with bluish undertones and a matte finish. Suitable for most skin tones, it’s a celebrity fave worn by Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. Estée Lauder Rich Red: A classic red, again with bluish undertones. But this one has a lustrous texture that adds pretty shine, plus a yummy flowery scent. E.L.F Royal Red: For those seeking a starter red, this is a less intense color option—a subdued burgundy red with a flattering golden lustre. Revlon ColorStay in Top Tomato: A beautiful brick red with amazing staying power. It’s meal-proof, so your lips look lovely all through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guerlain Rouge G Geisha: An irresistible cherry red with a super luxe lipstick case. Silver, mirrored, glamorous, fun.
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