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Wanted: The Felt Hat

Style News  /   /  By Nina Louie
trend we love: floppy felt hats

When something looks just as amazing in spring as it did in winter, you know it’s a keeper. And that’s exactly what we're thinking about floppy felt hats.

When a recent blizzard struck New York, we watched the coolest girls take cover under dark wide-brimmed styles. It gave them a witchy vibe—intriguing and sexy.

Now, as spring dawns, we’re spotting camel and color versions crowning all the cutest looks. In warmer weather, the feeling is playful and free-spirited—a bit 70s. It makes us want to get out in the sun, picnic in the park wearing a short skirt or high-waisted jeans.

Most of all, it makes us want to get dressed. One thing we love about a great hat: it elevates whatever you’re wearing to outfit status. And that's the goal, every day.

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