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You Tell Us: Do Leggings Count as Pants?

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When we noticed LuLaRoe leggings trending on eBay (the buttery soft limited edition leggings are usually only sold via independent consultants or at “pop up” parties), we forced ourselves to take a long hard look in the full-length mirror and ask ourselves the question we’ve been wrestling with for years now, “Are leggings pants?” We’ve avoided confronting the question because we’ve got semi-mixed feelings on the issue. While we are huge fans of the athleisure trend, which frequently allows us to carry along on the course of our day from the comfort of our trusty Lululemon Wunder Under Crop pants, we feel a line needs to be drawn in the proverbial sand.

We value comfort as much as the next woman, but we draw the line at extra-athleisure legging sporting. That is to say, unless committing to a head-to-toe sporty ensemble (you know the ones, with the white sneakers and Adidas logo tees), leggings simply must not be worn instead of legitimate pants. Why not? Because leggings are essentially thick tights, and are tights pants? We think not. Not unless you’re performing in the Nutcracker, and promise to change into sweats when you leave the theater. But Gigi Hadid wears leggings as pants…does that mean leggings are pants? We’ll be the first to admit we’re not Gigi Hadid and we did not just walk in 71 runway shows (like Fall 2016 top walker Lia Pavlova did!). So just because Gigi Hadid can pull off this “trend,” doesn’t mean that we can, or should attempt to.

If we surrender and admit leggings into the pants category, how far will this phenomenon go? Even pajama dressing appears more pulled together than attempting to pass off leggings as pants outside of the gym. Donning leggings as part of an athleisure ensemble? As we said before, fine. But please layer up to avoid looking like the top half of you got dressed this morning, and the bottom half is running late for ballet rehearsals. To be explicitly clear, wear a mid-thigh length jacket, tie a flannel around your waist (how ‘90s of you!), or ensure your shirt is long enough to cover your tush. Because “yoga butt” is a real thing, and yes, girl, those leggings make your bum look fantastic, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to shamelessly flaunt it in everyone’s face before brunch. Do us a favor and triple check to make sure your leggings aren’t see through before heading out of the house in them? You’ll thank us for encouraging the precaution.

Are you still on the fence, or have you committed to one camp of thought? Declare your position in the comments below!

You can browse LuLaRoe leggings, here. And see 7 stylish ways to wear them, here.

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