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From NYFW Snaps to Stunning Sketches

NYFW wrapped a few weeks ago, and phew, what a feast for the fashion-eager eyes. We were on the front lines snapping street style shots to be unveiled to you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, and in spirit of photographing and sharing some of the most unique, head-turning, and traffic-stopping ensembles in New York City, we’ve joined forces with fashion illustrator Holly Nichols to serve up delightful sketches inspired by a few of our snaps. But what’s even better about the below illustrations, which really are a welcome throwback to tactile pieces of art that won’t disappear into the Instagram ether after 24 hours, is that they’re entirely shoppable on eBay. You can not only ogle and appreciate Holly’s artistic achievement, but can actually score the look for yourself. We hope you enjoy the following mashup of real photos alongside their sketches that, according to Vanity Fair, “resurrect the forgotten art that’s giving fashion photography a run for its money.

Want more NYFW inspiration? We’re on it. Click here to see what else we’ve spotted.

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